Image of SWIVEL Plate Mount Brake Pneumatic Castor with 220MM WHEEL

Additional Information

Load Capacity (KG)



Zinc Plated Steel

Wheel Diam (mm)


Tread Material / Centre Material

Pneumatic Black Rubber | Steel

Overall Height (mm)


Mounting Type

Swivel Plate

Locking Type

Total Locking

Swivel | Rigid Plate Size (mm)

115 X 100

Hole Centres & Hole Size (mm)

85 x 72

SWIVEL Plate Mount Brake Pneumatic Castor with 220MM WHEEL

·        Fragile equipment
·        Uneven surfaces
·        Warehouse
·        Agricultural
·        Garden Nursery
·        Materials Handling

P Series Pneumatic & Foam Filled castors feature good shock and impact absorbency with rugged robust wheels for tough applications. Great for external use over rough, uneven & soft surfaces. Choice of three mounting types: Rigid Plate, Swivel Plate and Wheel Locking Plate, plate size of 115mmx 100mm with hole centres of 85mm x 72mm. For Pneumatic castors please note: The air pressure supports the load. Under-inflated tyres can result in damage to the tyres/tube/rim and potential injury to the operator or bystanders. Tyre pressures and load ratings stated in this catalogue are the maximum recommended for all usage conditions with speeds up to 12kph. Please consult with our representative for loads/speeds in excess of those stated or where operating conditions are of an extreme nature. For Foam Filled castors please note: No more punctures! Foam filled tyres can flat spot under load and when left in stationary hot conditions. The PU foam has a memory and will return to shape.