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The joint venture offers the national market an evolved product range and superior service for wheels and castors.

Who We Are

QHDC Blickle Australia, is a joint venture between a German manufacturer of wheels and castors ‘Blickle’ and an Australian distributor ‘QHDC Australia’ who supplies other wheel and castor manufacturers including Haion, Primo Lenco, Flywheel, Di Candia, Ton-Keep and P & H to the Australian market. QHDC Blickle Australia were proud to announce this new endeavour in the Australian Market in 2019. After several successful years as the sole Australian distributer for Blickle products, QHDC has established itself as a national leader in the wheels and castors industry whilst solidifying a likeminded business relationship with Blickle. The level of trust, loyalty and respect built between QHDC Australia and Blickle has enabled both brands to go into this venture with united goals and strategies, aimed at taking the Australian wheels and castors industry to the next level.

Blickle is a global leader in the production of wheels and castors with over 65 years of experience. The group has over 1,000 employees; more than 750 of these based at the headquarters in Rosenfeld, Germany. In addition to the production facilities in Rosenfeld, Blickle has 17 other sales subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia and delivers to over 120 countries worldwide. Blickle wheels and castors are known worldwide for their high technical standard and excellent quality with all products manufactured and 100% tested in Germany”. The extensive portfolio consists of more than 30,000 different wheel and castor types with a load capacity between 15 and 50,000 kilograms. Furthermore, Blickle offers tailor-made solutions which are developed in close collaboration with the customer.

Blickle’s commitment to uncompromising quality, high levels of availability, innovation and reliability combined with QHDC’s 35 years of experience in service and supply has us extremely excited at the prospects of evolving current offerings and fortifying QHDC BLICKLE AUSTRALIA as ‘the benchmark’ for wheels and castors. Throughout this venture QHDC BLICKLE AUSTRALIA look forward to providing continued quality of service, value and innovation.